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Dentist Dr. Seth Kimmelman One Stop Dental Colorado Springs CO

Downtown Colorado Springs Dentist Dr. Seth Kimmelman achieves exceptional results in all aspects of dentistry. His areas of expertise include Dental Implants, Beautiful Hand-crafted CrownsPartials, and Dentures. Dr. Seth Kimmelman is well-known for his meticulous approach to dentistry.

Ask his friends how they describe him and they share two words: passion and performance. An accomplished cyclist and skier, he tackles the toughest peaks with the strength and skill of a professional athlete.

Dr. Kimmelman was voted one of Colorado Springs Style Magazines Top Dentists in 2019 and many additional years. He brings the same commitment to excellence to his successful dental practice in Downtown Colorado Springs. Over the past 25 years, he has expanded his services from general dentistry to comprehensive restorative dentistry and dental implants. He is one of the first general dentists in the area to place dental implants, which provide a healthier, more natural-looking alternative to conventional dentures and bridges.

Unlike other dentists, who handle only a portion of the implant, Dr. Kimmelman personally performs the entire implant procedure – from the insertion of a titanium tooth root to fitting of a permanent crown, with Cat Scan precision. To ensure the best possible placement and results, he recently invested in a 3D CT scanner, regarded as state-of-the-art for implant procedures.

Dr. Kimmelman’s “high-tech, high-touch” approach extends to all aspects of his practice. He uses the most advanced materials and composites available, digital x-rays that reduce radiation and intra-oral cameras. In contrast to high volume practices, Dr. Kimmelman and his staff schedule ample appointment time for every patient and pride themselves on running on time. Fees are transparent and cost-based, which translates to reasonable patient charges.

As a result, Dr. Kimmelman has built a loyal patient base that appreciates his focus on long-term dental health. “Going to the dentist is now enjoyable”, noted a long-term dental patient.

Dr. Kimmelman holds a Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University, A Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Medical College of Virginia and completed post-graduate studies at the Las Vegas Institute of Dentistry. He is a member of the American Dental Association and the Colorado Springs Dental Society.

Dentist Dr. Seth Kimmelman One Stop Dental Colorado Springs CO

Meet Dr Curtis Slack

Dr. Slack struck an interest in dentistry early on after many positive visits with his childhood dentist. He noticed the difference a patient-oriented dentist could make in someone’s life by creating a healthy, happy smile. He later received his dental degree from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio and has been serving his patients with the philosophy of a healthy mouth and smile starts with healthy gums. Dr. Slack holds himself to a high standard of care and believes that his patients will only truly be engaged when he shows his genuine interest in helping them achieve their dental goals. There is nothing Dr. Slack loves more than helping his patients restore their smile to full perfection and beauty.

Outside of the office, Dr. Slack can be found volunteering and spending time with his family. He has participated in 10+ dental mission trips to Central and South America through international mission groups. When he isn’t serving his communities, he loves to stay active in his adult children’s lives and keep up with all the exciting things they are involved in! Dr. Slack is also fond of his dogs and sometimes takes his dog, Zeke, hiking; be sure to recommend your favorite hiking trails!

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“Dr. Kimmelman is a top-notch dentist who is an absolute perfectionist. He explains what he’s doing in “normal” language so the average person can understand it! I’ve had to call him after hours on a few different occasions, and he always gets back to me within a very short time. The staff here – all of them – are incredibly professional and personable. Dr. Kimmelman is very fortunate to have such an excellent group of people supporting him! Overall, One Stop Dental is a quality provider of dental services!”

Margareth H. (review from Google)

“OUTSTANDING, it’s great to have an honest and caring Dentist. I have be going to Dr Kimmelman for 20+ years. Not only do my wife and I trust him with our dental needs, but he is the only Dentist that my 22 yr old daughter has ever seen. He has also done an outstanding job with my 93 yr old mother. So if you are looking for a great Dentist for any age, Dr Kimmelman is your guy.”

Raphael R. (review from Google)

“I was referred to Dr. Kimmelman almost 10 years ago by another friend and client of his. Whenever I come into the office Stacy and Joy always greet me with a smile, ask me how I am, and express genuine interest in me. The office is very punctual, and I seldom have to wait beyond my scheduled time. While I have had several hygienists over the years, they have all been caring, friendly, and professional. In regards to Dr. Kimmelman himself, he is just a great person.”

Z. Wagner (review from Google)