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A dental tooth extraction is an area of Dentistry where Dr. Seth Kimmelman excels. He executes the numbing and removal with uncommon ease, where the patient is always as comfortable as possible.

If you are interested in replacing the missing tooth with a dental implant at a later date, a bone graft might be necessary. The Bone graft can make the difference between being able to easily place an implant later or not having enough bone space to place an implant at all.

Common reasons you may need a Dental Extraction:

  • Impacted or painful wisdom teeth
  • Severe gum disease where the teeth may become loose
  • Previously treated root canal tooth that has cracked
  •  Orthodontic purposes to make room for adjacent teeth
  • Severe tooth decay or Fractured teeth to the point of non-repair

Post–Op Extraction Recommendations and What to Expect

The recovery period is different for everyone, but generally only lasts a few days. The following tips will help keep you comfortable in the days following.

  • Do not spit, suck through a straw or smoke for the first 24-48 hours
  • Keep firm pressure on the gauze for approximately 30 minutes
  • Limit strenuous activity for 24 hours following surgery
  • Apply a cold compress to your face in the extraction area
  • Stay away from foods that will break up into chunks i.e.: nuts & chips

After the healing process it is best to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant or dental bridge. This will allow you to:

  • Prevent the adjacent  and opposing teeth from shifting – seeking the next tooth to occlude on
  • Preserve the alignment of your teeth and bite
  • Restore your speaking and chewing ability
  • Maintain your bone and facial structure preventing a wrinkled, or sunken facial appearance from missing teeth

Call our office at the first sign of any discomfort and do not postpone your dental visit.  Contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Seth Kimmelman for a dental check-up today! Remember that prevention is key in treating dental conditions before they turn into more serious permanently damaging problems.

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