3D CT Scan for Implant Placement

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In the past, placing dental implants involved a lot of guesswork. The traditional 2-D dental x-rays would not show the width of the bone, surrounding vital structures beneath the gums, the Dentist would have to approximate the location of the dental implant placement.

Not anymore! Dr. Seth Kimmelman, at his Downtown, Colorado Springs dental office, is pleased to offer his patients the most state of the art 3D Ct Scans for implant diagnosis and treatment planning. With 3D Ct Scans, Dr. Kimmelman can provide more accurate and predictable results along with greatly enhanced safety.

What is a 3D Ct Scan?

3D Ct Scans provide both three dimensional and cross section views that show much more than traditional two dimensional x-rays. These 3D images provide detailed views that enable Dr. Kimmelman to determine the quality and quantity of bone as well as bone density where the implants will be placed. Vital structures such as sinuses and nerves are precisely located to add a great measure of safety not offered with traditional x-rays.

With this information, Dr. Kimmelman can determine the proper treatment approach for each individual patient, including the correct implant size and position for optimal implant placement. 3D imaging is becoming the standard of care for Implant Dentistry. Dr. Kimmelman takes CT scans for the following reasons

  • To accurately evaluate bone levels to ensure the nerves of the lower jaw and sinuses of the upper are avoided
  • To plan the precise placement of dental implants prior to surgery
  • To ensure predictable, successful and safe long-lasting results

Virtual Implant Placement (VIP) : Specialized training for Predictable & Successful Results

Virtual Implant Placement (VIP) is a computerized dental implant treatment planning software from CoDiagnostix that allows Dr. Kimmelman to plan your implant placement using a 3D computer simulation of your jaws before your implant surgery. By planning the exact location, angulation & size of your dental implants on a virtual image of your jaw, dental implant surgery becomes much more predictable, successful, and safe. By anticipating where replacement teeth should ideally be before implant surgery, clinical & esthetic results are greatly improved.

If you are missing one, many, or all of your teeth, Dr. Seth Kimmelman can offer numerous options to restore your smile, chewing function, and speaking ability. If you are ready to smile with confidence again, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kimmelman

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