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ClearCorrect is a modern, practically invisible way to straighten your teeth, using a series of custom-made aligners designed specifically for your mouth. These custom aligner trays are made of transparent plastic and are worn over your teeth. Wearing these aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into proper position, correcting and perfecting your smile.

Unlike traditional braces, no metal brackets are glued to your teeth and no wires, and there are no wires to tighten. The aligner trays can be taken off by you at any time, allowing you to eat and drink without discomfort.

Advantages of ClearCorrect over traditional braces:

  • An ideal way to straighten your teeth and fit your busy schedule as ClearCorrect requires fewer dental visits than conventional braces
  • No restrictions on any foods you can eat since you remove the aligners before each meal
  • Minimal impact on your everyday life, meaning convenience, comfort and above all confidence
  • Avoidance of common complications associated with traditional braces, such as White spot discoloration, tooth decay or gum inflammation from excessive plaque buildup on braces
  • Easier to maintain good oral hygiene

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