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Snap-In Implant Retained Denture

The Dental implant is placed in the bone, with the connection piece or abutment screwed into the implant and then snaps-into the denture

Dr. Kimmelman’s high tech dental implants are affordable, quick, and efficient. Patients of our downtown Colorado Springs dental office are amazed at how easily and quickly  dental implants can be placed and are pleased to know they usually do not need a new set of upper or lower dentures. The financial investment necessary to have chewing and speaking ability with added confidence back costs much less with only two dental implants needed.

What are dental implants used for?

Dental implants are perfect for loose dentures or people wanting to get rid of the palate cover on upper dentures. Your denture will snap in and out when you want it to, saving you the embarrassment of your teeth popping out in public. Being able to get rid of the acrylic covering the palate of the mouth improves how you speak, and how you taste foods. The dental implants also improve patients chewing ability, better chewing and proper nutrition can improve one’s life dramatically.

Advantages of dental implants

  • Quick and easy one step surgery
  • You can eat immediately, no down time necessary
  • Having the implants placed in the upper allows you to get rid of the palate, improving your speech and the way you taste foods
  • Laugh or sneeze without your teeth popping out
  • No more messy adhesives needed
  • Only local anesthetic is necessary (just like having a filling done)
  • Dental implants help to stop bone resorption

Dentures are firmly snapped into place with Mini dental implants and your existing dentures can be used in most cases. Unlike other dentists, who handle only a portion of the implant, Dr. Kimmelman personally performs the entire implant procedure- from the insertion of a titanium tooth root to fitting of the dentures, with Cat Scan precision. To ensure the best possible placement and results, he invested in a3D CT scanner, regarded as state-of-the art for implant procedures. If you think dental implants may be right for you, just call our office (719)447-1199.

Chewing ability with dentures is not the same as natural teeth; many people find it difficult to eat some of their favorite foods. Dental implants make it possible to eat nuts, fruits and vegetables again without pain and irritation.

Speaking clearly is also a problem for denture wearers. Pronouncing words with “L” ,”Th” and “S”  words like “life”, “things”, and “seventy-seven” are more difficult  due to the palate being covered with acrylic. Mini Dental implants make it possible to get rid of the upper palate, to be able to speak clearly again easily.

Confidence is lost when Dentures loosen or fall out while speaking, laughing or sneezing causing many to cover their mouths if they laugh or smile. Mini Dental implants give you confidence to go ahead and show your smile during any situation.

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Lower dentures are hard to keep in for some people due to bone loss, and the movement of the tongue. Implants can be placed to solve this problem. Dental implants are placed in the lower jaw so that the denture “snaps” onto the implants holding the denture firmly in place.

For difficult areas in the mouth, multiple implants, and patients with little bone, cat scan assisted implant planning is an option. The cat scan allows the implants to be placed virtually in your jaw to achieve the ideal placement in your mouth.

If you are missing one, many, or all of your teeth, Dr. Seth Kimmelman can offer numerous options to restore your smile, chewing function, and speaking ability. If you are ready to smile with confidence again, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kimmelman

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