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Oral examination

Regular dental oral exams and oral cancer screenings are essential in preventing the onset, progress and recurrence of many dental conditions and diseases. Maintaining good oral health requires prevention rather than simply correcting painful issues as they arise. Early detection and prevention can save you time, pain and money while promoting healthy teeth.

At the downtown Colorado Springs dental office of Dr. Seth Kimmelman our entire staff is committed to your oral and general health.

Whether you come for a dental concern or just a regular dental Check-up, Dr.Seth Kimmelman will always take his time to carefully review and update your dental and medical history, inquire about your concerns and Health changes while answering any questions you may have. Dr. Kimmelman and his highly qualified dental hygienist will then perform a thorough dental oral examination, including:

  • Review of updated diagnostic x-rays: essential for detecting tooth decay, abscesses, bone loss, tumors and any hidden dental issues not visible to the naked eye
  • Thorough Oral examination of all existing fillings or restorations for any visible signs of cracks, fractures, secondary decay, or any other imperfections or defects
  • Gum disease evaluation: checking your gums for any inflammation and, if necessary, measuring pockets (spaces between your gum and tooth) to determine your periodontal health
  • Oral cancer screening: thorough examination of your face, lips, tongue and mouth tissues for signs of any abnormal changes, including sore spots , hardened gray or white lesions or red patches, and palpating your cheeks and neck for suspicious lumps
  • Checking your temporomandibular joint (jaw joint or TMJ) for any abnormal popping, clicking, or discomfort, which may be signs of a damaged or malfunctioning articulation of the jaw

In some cases Dr. Kimmelman may find it necessary to take additional diagnostic x-rays, impressions or photos of your teeth to assist in diagnosis or treatment planning. Dr. Seth Kimmelman will then carefully evaluate all his findings and design a treatment plan, with all the different dental options, tailored specifically for your concerns and expectations.

Regular dental oral exams and screenings for oral cancer can help you avoid costly and painful dental health problems and is essential to having a beautiful healthy smile for a lifetime.

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