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Cave of the Winds is now a national park that was first discovered in 1881. Since being discovered, it has become one of the most visited attractions in Colorado. For more than one hundred years, people from all over the country have been visiting Cave of the Winds to take in and explore the natural beauty of the cavers and rock formations that they have to offer. The Cave of the Winds immerses you into total darkness and when illuminated by lights shows off rock formations that are thousands of years old and only getting more beautiful with age. The Cave of the Winds has several tours offered that fit what anyone is looking for so that you are sure to enjoy yourself and get the most out of your experience! Below are the tours offered at the Cave of the WInds and everything you get with each one so you can pick the right experience for you. The team from One Stop Dental are very proud to be located near the Cave of the Winds.

Discovery Tours

This tour is a guided tour that lasts for approximately 45 to 60 minutes and is designed for families with children as well as beginners who have never done a cave tour before and need an easy walk. The educational tour is easy enough for children as young as infants and has a beauty that children and adults of all ages can take in. This is the most popular family tour that the Cave of the Winds has to offer and begins every day in 20-30 minute intervals.

Lantern Tour

The Lantern Tour provides explorers with an experience that is just a little longer than the discovery tour and goes a bit deeper into the Cave of the Winds. The tour offers people a more historic tour with a spooky twist to an adventure. Lanterns light up the path that the explorers take and the tour guide gives people a thrill with ghost stories that have lasted for decades, tales of the olden days when the cave was first discovered, and the spookier history that the cave has to offer. The spooky adventure is only available for children and adults six years old or older and lasts for ninety minutes. It is offered every day and begins on the hour every hour.

Caving 101 Tour

This tour is the longest of all the tour options lasting for a total of 120 minutes or more depending on the guide that takes you through it. It is a much more difficult tour to go on as you have to be physically able to climb over large rocks and crawl through tight spaces with relative ease. As it is a very taxing, but very exciting tour, it is only available to people who are at least thirteen years of age or older and can only be gone on at certain times of the year. It is an exciting cave trek that takes you through the undeveloped parts of the Cave of the Winds, and it does require a reservation that must be made at least 48 hours before you plan on going through the tour.

Packages Offered At The Cave of the Winds

On top of the different tours that are offered at the cave, there are also several packages that are designed to give you the most fun that you can have whether you go individually, with a group of friends, or with your family. In addition to the tours that are offered, the Cave of the Winds also has exciting activities like cliff hanging climbing walls, a virtual reality theatre, challenge courses, and more outdoor games. No matter your age, you and your family can find a multitude of fun things to do at the Cave of the Winds and learn a bit of history in the process! If you liked the Cave of the Winds, another awesome Colorado Springs destination is the Manitou Incline.

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